Marion P. Stroud

Christian author. Although fairly prolific she has I think only written two pony-themed novels. The one I have read (If Wishes Were Horses) is quite a nice little story, if you are not too bothered by the religious message running throughout. The other book I have yet to read. Any comments on it are welcome.

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted again by Victory Press in hardback.
SUMMARY: Two girls wish their respective dreams would come true. Patience wants to learn to ride and Sally wants a dog. Will their wishes be fulfilled?

SUMMARY: Penny wants to learn how to ride, and when she moves from town to the country she thought she would have the opportunity to do so. But she found it wasn't easy to join the local riding school. The children are unfriendly to her, not wanting "townies" in their group. Penny spends her time helping others less fortunate than herself, and although it takes awhile, she finds things beginning to fit into place.

Collectors info:
If Wishes were Horses can be found quite easily through internet book shops, both in the UK and USA, and is usually quite low priced. Rainbow's End is rarer and may be more expensive.